Silvagrip® Products

Silvagrip® Products are the Longest Lasting Non-Skid Peel & Stick Surfaces to Hit the Deck

SILVAGRIP® is the most trusted brand of non-skid peel-and-stick safety grip material available anywhere in the United States.

CAR Specialties proudly carries personal and professional grade Silvagrip® non-skid adhesive pads from the most innovative name in non-skid safety.The recent recipient of a U.S. Patent, Silvagrip® is approved for use by the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy.

Available in fine texture (private home use, swimming platforms, playgrounds) and medium texture with three tiers of grip. Choose medium texture regular base for working foot traffic and walkways, medium base for public ramps and walkways, and heavy base for fork trucks, oilfield, helicopter pads and more.

Increase Safety. Eliminate Hassles. Save Money.

Silvagrip’s® patented peel and stick surface is ready for immediate use out of the packaging with no special preparation necessary. It’s long life cycle will reduce the cost of ownership, made from tough materials that are corrosion, heat, and UV proof. Our product can handle deck temperatures up to 300 degrees F with no problems.

Made from aluminum ceramic, this revolutionary product is designed to be both lightweight and incredibly effective with a coefficient of friction of 1.0+.

It can be applied to just about any smooth, dry, clean surface, and its flexible base will conform to many deck substrates.

Silvagrip® is offered in precut sizes and custom kit sizes for easy installation and handling. Only Silvagrip’s® ceramic abrasives are perma-locked into a sophisticated metal alloy substrate. Traditional resin-based non-skids suffer from grit pull-out, meaning early wear and tear. With our metal matrix, our product lasts longer. It is simply the strongest, hardest, and longest lasting wear surface available.

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