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Diesel cleaning products, fuel cleaners, and fuel polishes for transportation, marine, mining and industrial process applications.

The DieselCraft Difference

DieselCraft Fluid Engineering is one of the leading experts in oil and fuel cleaning technology. From fuel purifiers tank cleaning chemicals and oil purification to entire fuel tank systems, we have you covered. Call CAR Specialty for all of your DieselCraft needs.

Diesel Fuel Purifiers

DieselCraft Fuel Purifiers are separators based on surface tension principles. Since diesel and water possess different surface tension and density, when a water and diesel mixture is spread over a large area, water droplets and large solids will separate from the fuel. In fuel water separation, the larger the surface area, the better. DieselCraft separators are engineered for maximum residence time, determined by the flow rate. This piece of equipment will remove 99% of the water and 95% of the solids from fuel.

This concept is a broadly useful concept to outline how fast something moves through a system in equilibrium. The longer the residence time, the more effective the cleaning will be conducted. We utilize matched flow rate to surface area and activated alumina to force the water to agglomerate and drop out of the fuel. All of our DieselCraft purifiers come equipped with water sensors and mounting hardware. Standard systems and ABS systems available.

Diesel Fuel Stabilizers

Our DieselCraft Fuel Stabilizers use an accepted practice in the marine industry called a “dual magnetic field” to stabilize molecular fuel structure prior to combustion. This process adds more power, enhanced combustion and lower overall maintenance costs over the product life span.

These stabilizers can be used in conjunction with our DieselCraft Fuel Purifiers to make a complete, turnkey system.

Fuel Polishing System

• 500 GPH Capacity
• Dimensions – 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 40″ tall
• 115/230 Single Phase 1/3 jp motor
• Weight – 150 lbs.
• 8.3 GPM Heavy Duty and Continuous Duty gear pump
• Removes over 95% of water and large contamination in fuel
• Anti-asphaltene fuel conditioning
• Absolute practical filtration to 10 microns standard
• Epoxy Powder Coated
• 2 each 10 foot suction and discharge hoses included
• Digital Flow Meter
• Water sensor to tell you when to drain the purifier
• Semi-pneumatic tires

Can be wall mounted or used as a portable system when handle, feet, and wheels are installed.

Fuel Test Kits & Accessories

DieselCraft’s fuel field tests are so easy to use, that professional help is not required. Even untrained team members can successfully collect samples, test, and report the results with ease. Our tests are inexpensive, and can detect bacteria and mold on two separate sides of the same testing slide.

Simply dip the slide into the fuel from the fuel filter. Place the sample back in the protective tube and wait 24-36 hours for an easily readable test result. No spots on the slide means good news for you! Any reaction will show clearly as spots. We also carry water sensors for separators, hand held water detectors, and more. For a full product list, contact us today.

Fuel Additives

Have you seen a decrease in biocide results lately? If your company has noticed an overall decline in the quality of of your fuel using biocides, we have the solution for you. Bio-films form from agglomerations of microorganisms and cells which adhere to each other at the fuel or water interface. These adherent cells are surrounded by a shield of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). 8 oz. treats 275 gallons, and one gallon treats 4,000 gallons of fuel.

This subsequent byproduct constitutes 50 to 90% of a biofilm’s total organic matter. This biofilm, also referred to as sludge or algae, can be broken up by our Formula 246 Technol additive, even if the tanks have not been on a regular maintenance program. We carry Technol 403 Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Technol 403M, Technol Gasoline Conditioner, and more. For a full list of products, contact us today. We will have you up and running in no time.

Oil Centrifuges

CAR Specialty is a DieselCraft Manufacturer’s Representative, selling the best in name brand fuel centrifuges for engine oil, waste oil, non-engine lubrication applications, vacuum pumps, and hydraulic systems.

These systems can double oil change intervals because centrifuges have 5 times the debris holding capacity of any filters on the market. A centrifuge is designed to remove contaminants from the oil flow altogether.

While filters also remove solids, they also plug and reduce oil flow to the point that they stop working when clogged. The cleaning efficiency of a centrifuge lies in its ability to fill in where filters leave off and create drop off as the filter becomes plugged.

We carry DieselCraft Model OC-25 Bypass Oil Cleaning Centrifuge for internal combustion engines, Magnum Model 93 Engine Kits, DieselCraft OC-20 and Magnum Model 93 for standalone systems, DieselCraft Model OC-50, Magnum Model 180, Magnum Model 250, Model OC-500 5GPM for standalone and in-line industrial systems, DieselCraft Model 18 GPM for standalone and in-line industrial systems, Magnum CFC 1000 Continuous Flow Centrifuge, and more.

Waste Oil Recovery and Purification System

DieselCraft’s Fuel Factory 2011.1 & Lubrication Station is a set of precision centrifuges driven by an industrial duty gear pump that will run continuously with no error. With a 50 finished product gallons per hour output, the system will clean any waste motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, or vegetable oil without any filters.

The unit is 22.5″ in diameter, and was designed specifically to fit inside an open top 55 gallon drum (drum not included).

DieselCraft Pumps, Motors, Heaters & Parts

CAR Specialty is a DieselCraft Manufacturer’s Representative, selling the best in DieselCraft parts, pumps, heaters and motors.

We are a supplier of OC-20 and OC-50 models with suction and pressure hoses, fittings, and clamps, motor power cords for all motor sizes, suction wands, and 55 gallon drum heaters for all centrifuges.

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