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Chlor*Rid Products are effective for salt testing, metal salt testing, metal cleaning projects, salt cleaning projects and metal salt removal.

Chlor*Rid Liquid Salt Remover

More economical than multiple fresh water washes, Chlor*Rid® is safe to use, and safe for the environment. An all-organic, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution, Chlor*Rid is rated for fresh and saltwater fish LD50 tests.

Testing on Chlor*Rid® funded by the Office of Naval Research shows that our product removes more contamination than DI water alone and improves coating adhesion by 20%-50%. An effective salt mitigator, this product even removes surface oils at ambient application temperatures.

Hold*Blast Surface Passivator

Hold*Blast is an economical, easy-to-use product that stops flash rust quickly in an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous manner. Made from all-organic substances, this product prevents flash rust for days, saving you time and money.

Wet abrasive blasting?Just add it to the tank of water. Use a 1:150 to 1:250 dilution, depending on water quality and environmental considerations. Dry blasting? Do a quick pressure wash with Hold*Blast afterwards. With most potable water, you can use a 1:50 dilution…and even less if you are using quality water.

When it comes to affordability, Hold*Blast is one of the most economical products in the industry for stopping flash rust in its tracks. At only pennies per square foot to treat, this product will pay for itself in value. This product will not leave any residues that interfere with coating adhesion, so you can rest easy that your project will keep moving forward.

Chlor*Test Field Test

For chloride contamination, our fast, easy chloride measurements are simple enough for inexperienced workers to collect and report. Simply pour pre-measured Chlor*Extract into our patented Chlor*Sleeve. Peel protective backing from the adhesive ring, expel some air inside, and attach to the surface you are testing. Massage the extract against the surface per directions, remove the sleeve from the surface and insert into the included glass tube.

In about two minutes, you can read the color changes to identify the chloride level in parts per million and micrograms per squared centimeter. This revolutionary test utilizes one of our popular formulas, Chlor*Extract, to enhance sample retrieval rates. This product is non-hazardous and can be used on just about any surface, including bridges, pipelines, storage tanks, marine structures, mining facilities, concrete, and steel.

Whatever the job, rely on Chlor*Test for safe, accurate, and easy testing. Visit  for instructional videos, sample specifications, salt testing and removal information, and domestic/international distributor lists and online orders.

Chlor*Test CSN Salts

Test your surface samples for chloride, sulfate, or nitrate ions using our Chlor*Test for CSN Salts. Most specifications don’t address sulfates or nitrates because there has never been a test kit for these substances. Now, there is. Chlor*Test “CSN Salts” offer our customers trouble and worry free testing in the field or the lab for all three of these contaminants using only ONE extraction.

This product uses a unique patented extraction solution, Chlor*Extract, to retrieve surface salt contamination, enhancing retrieval rates, accuracy, and convenience. We also simplified surface sampling with our patented Chlor*Sleeve. This device makes sampling a breeze overhead, vertically, horizontally or at odd angles.

Measurements are in PPM, no conversion charts are required. No mathematical calculations are necessary, our product’s utilize a 1 to 1 PPM ratio for simple readings. Our large 3.5 inch digital displays make reading results a task that even the least experienced field hand can accomplish with ease. We also carry CSN Refill Kits.


CAR Specialty is a Manufacturer’s Representative for Chlor*Rid Products, including Chlor*Test A. This kit is a complete, easy, and accurate chloride ion field test for abrasives. Even your least experienced personnel can be up and running in minutes with no training.

Chlor*Test A uses ASTM D4940 principles, but offers the additional value of chloride ion specific measurement. A self-contained, accurate, and reliable test, you just collect your samples and get your results in minutes instead of hours or days. Our products are also non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Our components, in addition to being individually packaged to prevent cross contamination, are pre measured to ensure accuracy when measuring abrasive contaminants in parts per million (PPM). Use this product with confidence on any abrasive, and get your results sooner. Trust the leader in salt removal. Trust Chlor*Tests from Chlor*Rid International, Inc.


Chlor*Test W from Chlor*Rid® is an accurate and simple chloride ion test for water/liquids. Keep your equipment free from chloride contamination with this easy-to-use kit.

Is your wash water contaminated with chlorides? Self testing is easier than you think. Instead of waiting days for expensive laboratory results, choose the field test that you can conduct in the field in minutes!

Several coatings historically fail from chlorides deposited on a surface by contaminated water. Don’t let this happen to you!

When your project specifications require consistency in a safe, stable environment, use Chlor*Test W. Each kit contains everything you need to conduct 5 (five) tests. This test is so easy to use, that even an inexperienced employee can be trained to take accurate samples in only a few minutes.

Cross-contamination from test to test is eliminated using individual-use components. If the temperature is between 41 to 176 degrees F, no temperature correction is needed for the successful testing of your samples.

Chlor*Rid® International Inc. is a world leader in soluble salt removal and testing since 1994.

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