Test for salts, remove salts, and prevent flash rust with Chlor*Rid® products from CAR Specialty, LLC.

Trust Chlor*Rid to get the job done.

Hold*Blast Surface Passivator

An easy to use and economical product that stops flash rust in an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous manner.


Trust Chlor*Test field test kits for chloride contamination from Chlor*Rid International, the world’s leader in soluble salt detection and removal.

Chlor*Test CSN Salts

Chloride / Sulfate / Nitrate Ion Tests for Surfaces. The world’s most complete field test kit for surfaces.

Chlor*Test A, C, and W Tests

Chlor*Test issue-specific kits save you time and money by letting you look for a single contaminate. We carry A (Abrasives), C (Concrete), and W (Water/Liquids) easy to use, accurate field tests.

Silvagrip® Peel & Stick Non-Skid Solutions

Increase safety, eliminate hassles, and save money with our long-life corrosion, heat and UV proof peel & stick nonskid pads.

  • U.S. Patent Pending
  • U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy Approved
  • Fine texture available for private use (garages, swimming platforms & playground areas
  • Normal texture available in regular base for walkways, medium base for public ramps and walkways, and heavy base for fork trucks and helicopters



The Gulf Coast’s Manufacturer’s Representative for

a Wide Range of Dieselcraft Diesel Performance Products.

Diesel Fuel Purifiers
Dieselcraft diesel fuel purifiers utilize matched flow rate to surface area and activated alumina to get the water to agglomerate and drop out of the fuel supply.
Flow Rates From 100GPH to 45,000 GPH
With models ranging in size from 3 x 8 x 500 up to 18 x 54 x 3, we have you covered.
Diesel Fuel Stabilizers
Dieselcraft Fuel Stabilizers utilize the marine industry standard dual magnetic field stabilizers, giving more power and enhanced combustion.
Dual Magnetic Field Stabilizers
Use in conjunction with Dieselcraft Fuel Purifiers to make a complete system.
Fuel Polishing Systems
Our continuous duty gear pump removes over 95% of water and large contamination in fuel.
We Carry Modular Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning Systems
The popular FPD-15-120v modular tank cleaning system is designed for the transfer or re-circulating of diesel fuel in boats & generators.

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